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Flagship Claims Consulting is a full service public adjusting and expert consulting firm. We assist residential & commercial property owners in navigating the claim filing & negotiation process with their property insurer. We take the burden off your shoulders and speak the insurance company's language.

As a full service consulting firm, we also provide expert services to insurance litigation attorneys throughout the central and south Florida markets. See blow for additional information on our expert services. 

Public Adjusting

Flagship Claims Consulting offers public adjusting services for residential and commercial property when seeking benefits under their property insurance policy. We consult with our clients from step one, guiding them through claims process from start to finish, easing the burden and stress of communicating effectively with their insurer. Having worked for insurance companies for 10+ years, we have a unique understanding of internal processes. Whether it's a new claim filing, requesting a supplement on a previously filed claim, disputing a prior under-payment, or demanding reconsideration of a denied loss, Flagship Claims is uniquely prepared and qualified to fight for our clients.

We provide a free consultation for claims which may need to be reopened for negotiation. Claims can be reopened if filed within the last 5 years, and last 3 years if the claim is related to a catastrophic event. Contact us today. 

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Appraisal & Umpire Services

Flagship Claims Consulting is your choice for qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced appraisers and umpires. With over 20+ years of experience associated with property claims disputes, we let our track record and reputation speak for itself. For an unbiased, substantiated and technically backed approach to disputed claims resolutions, look no further than Flagship Claims Consulting.

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Expert Services & Consulting

Flagship Claims Consulting offers expert services to insurance litigation attorneys throughout central and south Florida. Uniquely qualified, we provide a multitude of expert services backed by verifiable education, experience, industry tenure, and a unique knack for evidentiary reporting of data. Partnering with local expert general contractors, engineers, master plumbers, thermographers, and qualified emergency service experts, we can assist in structuring your case.

Expert services include:

  • Re-inspections

  • Causation investigations

  • Scope analysis

  • Estimating

  • Water mitigation estimate reviews

Contact us now to see how we can help. 

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